Foods To Avoid & Ingredients To Look Out For!

When you're out at the grocery store or eating out at a restaurant be sure to look out for these foods and avoid these ingredients.

  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Partially hydrogenated oils
  • artificial flavors
  • yellow, blue or red numbered dyes
  • enriched flour
  • Vegetarian fed animal protein (it will say on the label grass fed or vegetarian fed)
  • high sugar foods
  • sodas
  • fried and breaded foods
  • soybean, canola and vegetable oil in foods-very toxic
  • non fat, low fat or 2% dairy products ( you should be buying the whole milk and full fat)
  • aspertame
  • refined white sugar
  • added sugar (check your canned fruits you would be surprised at the amount of corn syrup in them especially beets)

The number one food to avoid that helps reduce your risk of cancer sugar.  Start anywhere in your diet... the sodas, the fruit intake whether canned or fresh, the juices, candies, monster drinks, desserts, smoothies, etc.  Reducing the sugar allows for the body to heal and repair itself in a much more optimal way.  Your body and mind will thank you!

Sylvia M. BruniComment