Before coming to Kristi I had 3 main areas I wanted assistance with:
1.  Making decisions
2.  Digestive inconsistencies
3.  Lack of focus and concentration
Major symptoms: regular migraines, irregular bowel movements, digestive struggles, upset stomach, hard to concentrate and focus, mood swings and addicted to sugar.
In 6 short weeks (half way through the program) I have seen major improvements.  No more migraines, I have regular digestion, and calm focused.  I am more productive at work and have found new foods my body loves!
Making major decisions to break habits in one’s lifestyle can be challenging. After years of living a certain way, it isn’t easy to make the changes needed, even when you know it is for the best. After years of struggling with migraines, A.D.D. and various digestive issues, I decided to seek professional help. I met Kristi at a Health Fair and after a brief consultation couldn’t wait to get started on her program. Even though the hope of feeling better was right there, still needed to make disciplined decisions regarding the financial investment and dedicate myself to the plan she set out for me. Although it wasn’t always easy (eliminating sugar) I am so happy that I stuck to the program and had Kristi’s amazing support along the way.  I would recommend Kristi to anyone that I know. There are always things we can improve on to live healthier lives and the investment is priceless.

Sasha J.

First I'd like to thank Kristi Acuna, n her staff, what beautiful n lovely souls they are, Kristi, is just a touch of love n understanding when it comes to listening to you, she is there with you, really involved in what you are telling her, she cares, those beautiful eyes of her really shows you how she feels about what you are saying, she CARES!!! N knows that she can help you, but this women is more than that, she guides you to thru a path of understanding what is going on with you n your body, it’s amazing the work she does, the results are amazing, all I know that my life has turned around because of what I learned about foods n how some foods have such a NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR BODY. ALL I can say this is where everyone should be, take a chance, because that is all we have to enjoy ourselves n Kristi has given that to me. I have changed my cabinets got rid of all negative foods, shop now for more veggies, fish, chicken n I am having fun with eating n enjoying.
When I arrived at the office for my examination, I was feeling very lost n felt that there was no more hope for me in the medical profession. I have gone thru such an expense with doctors that for a moment I felt no one can help me.
My Symptoms were: Digestive Problems every food I eat got me sick, never felt right with my stomach, Constipation, there were no fibers out there that would help. Difficulty falling asleep, abdominal weight gain, low libido, scattered thinking, hot flashes really bad, depression, mood swings, no motivation to go to work, stop working out, had no real feelings to go anywhere, fear of driving under an under path, fear of driving in the mall parking lot, I even lost my passion to work in my beautiful garden that I created years ago, stop my acting career n my singing all this was happening to me n no one care to help out and able to answered my questions, nor took the time to listen to me.
AMAZING!!!!!!!!  I am alive Again, all my symptoms cleared, I feel so wonderful that I am back working, not tired, is a matter of fact filled with lots of energy n I can actually laugh n enjoy myself with family and friends, I have a completely different attitude about who I am, I am so charged up that I am back with my Acting Career n my Singing n have the motivation to continue to enjoy me, I thought that for a second there was no hope, here I am so very HAPPY!!!, that I am back to the way I use to be doing all the things I stopped doing for myself. I even got back my hair growth n my skin looks beautiful, I am so hi about life now, I belief I was given a second life, that chance was learning n getting educated to change my eating bad habits, no more sugar n more fiber in my foods n cooking the right foods to feel the way I feel today, I never thought that food could heal your mind n your way of thinking. It has changed my life so much, that I have decided to write a book that I stopped writing one year ago, And here I am working very hard on my laptop typing my book. For anyone that is reading this important testimonial, Kristi is a God sent n her gift of love n improving people n their health is worth more then just medicated yourself with bad foods n drugs that do nothing but give you bad reactions that later on you find yourself very ill n lost n nowhere to go. I am so grateful to have met Kristi, Thank You Kristi for this Exciting Journey of Health.

Misty H.

Hi Kristi,
I just wanted to send a little thanks for spending the last 3 weeks with Emily. We have shed so many tears on this acne and now feel we are on the right road for a complete healing without oral medication. The time you spent educating her, has opened her mind up to a long road of eating healthier for her body and face.
Last week, when Natalie helped the girls with different food options and choice they could make on their own was AMAZING. When they heard it from someone else, it opened their eyes. (instead of Mom grilling them all the time) I am always tell them, your bodies are like cars, you put junk in your body is not going to work well. I just want to give them the tools be healthy and successful.
Thanks again, see you next week!

Sonja Morrissey

Dear Kristi,
I am writing this letter to you as a testimonial to you and your future clients that my experience with your services has been life changing and quite miraculous.
I came to you pretty desperate for answers in hopes that I could start to feel better once and for all. I was experiencing chest burning, stomach aches, post nasal drip, and coughing chronically. I had been to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist twice, an allergist, my family practitioner multiple times, and finally a Gastrointerologist. He determined that I had a small hiatel hernia and chronic symptoms of indigestion.
I tried multiple acid reflux medications that quite frankly made me sicker and created even more symptoms of discomfort. My family practitioner said that I would have to be on the meds for life.
Then I met you… after an assessment and 3 months of trial and error I was able to get off all meds and to finally understand my body, my symptoms, and to begin healing. I am no longer iron deficient and I know exactly what I have to stay away from if I want to feel good. I also have learned what to expect if I cheat a lttle bit. I feel like I have my health back in my own hands. You really saved my livelihood. Thank you so much.

Malinda B.

My family’s experience with Kristi has been overwhelmingly positive.  My son, Jackson (7), had been experiencing mild stomach discomfort for months.  It was mild enough that we weren’t even sure it was “real.”  He just never would eat very much and would often be fatigued, out of focus and generally “blah.”  From ages 5-7, he had gained only 2 pounds.  Having not seen a nutritionist before, we took him to the pediatrician.  They did blood tests, urinalysis and took a series of stool samples, all of which came back negative.  Therefore, they concluded it was all in his head.  Knowing my child as I do, I knew that wasn’t true, so I took him to see Kristi for a work-up.  She diagnosed him with a parasite and a systemic yeast infection.  She began Jackson on a restricted diet and a series of supplements.  He immediately began to show improvement, and 2 months later was totally symptom-free.  He is now eating me out of house and home, has more energy and clarity to him than I have seen in over a year, and in just 8 weeks, he gained over 2 pounds (over 3 now another month later).
In addition to being spot-on with Jackson’s treatment, Kristi has been amazing with him.  She is so patient and kind and communicative with Jackson, that he loves to go see her.  Despite the lengthy testing, she makes the appointments fun.  She communicates with him the problems with certain foods and encourages him to stick to the diet, but also listens to his desires for certain foods and helps us work those in too.  She is incredibly responsive and available for all of my questions, not only during appointments, but as they arise.  She recognizes the difficulty in implementing such strict diet changes for a small child and is incredibly supportive.  She has been great at giving me lots of information and being patient with my hesitations about “Eastern” medicine because I am so new to it.  I have been amazed at the results and am wholeheartedly convinced that she is an expert at what she does.  I am now seeing Kristi myself, I bring my daughter in as well, and I recommend her to anyone who will listen.


After many years of constant bloating stomach cramps and irregular elimination, one easily forgets what it is like to feel “normal.” My initial response to Kristi’s recommendation to start the purification program was, “you must be kidding, right?” But sadly she was not kidding and the 21 day detox began. The first 4-5 days were difficult; feelings of fatigue and weakness, and desires to eat “real food.” However the program grew easier and I began feeling better each day. I had more energy around the 3 o’ clock hour, and even better, my bloating, cramps and elimination went away. Truly, I forgot how good it felt to not have intestinal discomfort. My main goal was to improve my physical symptoms, however, I benefited from the additional result of weight loss. Even though it was a GREAT challenge and requires true discipline, the results are incredible and well worth the 21 days of your life!

Bob W.

I first met Kristi Acuna back on January 22, 2010.  I was a 74 year old, retired OCC teacher and coach weighing 205 pounds at that time.  With the addition of a hormone panel, muscle testing, changed nutrition, selected supplements, a daily exercise program and 100+ ounces of water a day I am down 20 pounds to 185.  My energy level is way up and the soreness in my joints is almost non-existent.  I am a believer and will never return to my prior nutritional life.


First I have to say Kristi is the best! Having seen other Clinical Nutritionists, her methods far exceed my expectations! When I began with Kristi, I came with a list of problems! Stress, lack of focus, tired a lot, always tense,  hair falling out, skin and nails a mess. Also huge digestion problems! Everything I ate bothered my stomach! She calmly listened, understood,   asked questions, and quickly created solutions! The SP products are excellent support to her educating me in making better choices that bring me closer to my goals quicker on my own. She quickly responds to any questions! When you’re not feeling well that’s important. I now feel so much better, everything is improving on a daily basis! I would highly recommend Kristi to anyone looking for alternative solutions to western medicine.

Angela C. - Costa Mesa

What a great experience I had with Kristi. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes & high blood pressure. Naturally, I was a bit overweight too. I tried the Standard Process Purification & Weight management Cleanse per Kristi’s (and my trainer friend, Eric’s) recommendation. In just 21 days I lost 10 lbs & 3 inches. I completely turned around my diagnosis of high blood pressure and diabetes. Don’t have to take medicine anymore! I also have more energy, sleep better, have a better libido and just plain feel better. Its an X factor I hadn’t had since I was in high school!
Kristi allows you to call, email or even text at all hours of the day with any questions or concerns. And, she’s just plain friendly, enjoyable, relateable and fun! The price is much less than a standard monthly food budget and certainly less than all those doctor’s visits and meds for my illnesses.
Big thanks to Kristi and the team. What a great experience. I’ll be doing it yearly!

Kate M. - Laguna Hills 

Kristi really knows her stuff!  She has helped me with numerous health related issues over the years. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to eating right and cleansing your body. I have given her info to anyone and everyone I know that wants to get on track to being healthy! She also deals with more complicated issues aside from just nutrition. 5 stars for sure!

A.B. - Fullerton

I have nothing but great things to share about Kristi!  No matter what your concern, Kristi is there to listen and help guide you down your individual pathway to holistic nutrition.  Her passion toward her profession is evident.  I came to her with a number of digestive concerns and today I feel better than ever.  I’d recommend her to anyone…she is just wonderful. 

T.N. - Costa Meza

“I felt instantly comfortable with Kristi Acuña. Her office is inviting, office staff friendly, and Kristi herself is awesome. She’s warm and put me at ease, she listened to all my concerns and took her time to answer all my questions thoroughly. Kristi’s passion for her work is immediately evident, and her energy is totally contagious! I left our first meeting feeling positive and upbeat, excited for what’s to come! I’m already grateful for Kristi Acuña, and I haven’t even started my 12-Week Plan yet! I’m sure another glowing review of Kristi is in my near future. Thanks, Kristi!”

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