You Are What You Eat; So Eat Lard!

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The time has come to forget about the traditional food pyramid. Kristi Acuña has a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and has run her wellness center in Newport Beach, California for 11 years. Kristi is uniquely qualified to design diet programs to heal her clients ills based on her experience in healing herself of psoriasis. Kristi uses nutrition and heart rate tests to determine what a client may need to add to their diet as well as what they may need to eliminate. She says many of her clients are so wired and tired they are desperate to find a solution but don’t know where to turn.

Key Takeaways:

[7:11] Kristi was going to be an actress but her chronic psoriasis left her with little confidence.

[11:37] Most people have no idea the food they eat is causing their health problems.

[14:27] Kristi started with a cleanse, protein shakes, vegetables, water and then added chicken and fish.

[17:20] Kristi educates her clients and kids about beneficial fats and toxic oils.

[20:32] Foods to eat to prevent and deal with bloating.

[25:01] Sunblocks should be paraben, chemical and dye free.

[27:09] Medicines, antibiotics and probiotics for children’s health. 

[30:23] Kristi’s Newport Beach Holistic Nutrition Center offers nutritional exams, nutrition response testing and heart rate variability testing.

[34:49] Kristi customizes a different diet program each client based on their needs.

[36:08] Caffeine is a no-no when it comes to the wired but tired.

[38:11] Alcohol provides the body with too much sugar and too much acidity.

[45:45] Find out more about Kristi.

[46:20] The Lightning Round