New Client Information

Before your first appointment, please download, print, and fill out our New Client Information Packet. Be sure to bring them to your first appointment! Click the button below to download. Thank you!

This is what you can expect:

On your first visit to Kristi’s Holistic Nutrition Center in Newport Beach, you can expect to be greeted warmly by her office staff. You’ll be asked to fill out a New Client form if you haven’t already done so.

Kristi Acuña will escort you to a room, where she will spend a few minutes getting to know you. Next, she will perform a few quick, non-invasive exams such as Nutrition Response Testing and Nutritional Exam. These will help her determine if you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals, whether you have toxins in your body that may incur parasites, bacteria, virus, or fungus, and generally how all your body systems are functioning.

Based on her initial findings, Kristi will recommend a plan of action for you, and gladly answer all your questions.

Kristi wants you to have a positive and pleasant experience, to feel comfortable, informed, listened to – and mostly motivated to start your journey toward a healthier you!

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Meet Kristi

Kristi Acuña can help you address the above and otherchronic ailments, as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies and toxins in the body, through her Specialized Nutritional Program. And for those simply interested in prolonging life and avoiding chronic conditions, you’ve come to the right place too!

Kristi has been practicing Holistic Nutrition for over 7 years in Newport Beach, CA. Add to her credentials and experience an unparalleled passion for her work. She believes with her heart and soul that your life can become richer, fuller, and more satisfying than ever before, once you hold the keys to your body’s nutritional needs.